Question: Is ItsFunneh Kid Friendly?

What is the Krew’s last name?

The Krew’s members are ItsFunneh (Kat), LunarEclipse (Wenny) , PaintingRainbows (Betty) ,DraconiteDragon (Allen) and GOLDENGLARE (Kim).

The Krew usually plays Minecraft and ROBLOX, along with a gaming video every Saturday..

Who is ItsFunneh boyfriend?

Does funneh have a boyfriend? No!!! SHE’S SINGLE!!! No, but she has an ex named kai.

Who is the most kid friendly Youtuber?

Top Kid-Friendly YouTubersCrashCourse. 11.7M subscribers. Subscribe. … stampylonghead. 9.8M subscribers. Subscribe. … Rosanna Pansino. 12.7M subscribers. Subscribe. … REACT. 20.1M subscribers. Subscribe. … Good Mythical Morning. 16.8M subscribers. Subscribe. … Family Fun Pack. 9.55M subscribers. Subscribe. … Brad Mondo. 6.51M subscribers. … THAT GIRL LAY LAY. 1.36M subscribers.

Is Draco Funnehs brother?

Funneh was born on October 31, 1995, in Canada and she has 4 siblings, which is Gold, Draco, Lunar and Rainbow. … The whole Krew are siblings. They are all from Canada and each have their own channels.

What is ItsFunneh’s age?

25 years 2 monthsFacts of ItsFunnehFull Name:ItsFunnehAge:25 years 2 monthsBirth Date:October 31, 1995Horoscope:ScorpioBirth Place:Canada20 more rows•Nov 2, 2020

Does Draco from ItsFunneh have a girlfriend?

Draconitedragon doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. All dating histories are fact-checked and confirmed by our users.