Quick Answer: What Is The Return Value Of Trunc () Mcq?

What is Python correct?

Q 1 – Which of the following is correct about Python.

A – Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language.

C – It uses English keywords frequently where as other languages use punctuation, and it has fewer syntactical constructions than other languages..

What is the average value of the code that is executed below?

Discussion ForumQue.What is the average value of the code that is executed below ? >>>grade1 = 80 >>>grade2 = 90 >>>average = (grade1 + grade2) / 2b.85.1c.95d.95.1Answer:85.11 more row

Which keyword is used for function?

Explanation: Functions are defined using the def keyword. After this keyword comes an identifier name for the function, followed by a pair of parentheses which may enclose some names of variables, and by the final colon that ends the line. Next follows the block of statements that are part of this function.

What is the return value of trunc () int bool float none?

Discussion ForumQue.What is the return value of trunc() ?b.boolc.floatd.NoneAnswer:int1 more row

What value is thrown by default when executed shell?

Given a function that does not return any value, What value is thrown by default when executed in shell. Explanation: Python shell throws a NoneType object back.

What is the return type of function ID Mcq?

intint is the return type of function id.

What is the return type of function?

A return is a value that a function returns to the calling script or function when it completes its task. A return value can be any one of the four variable types: handle, integer, object, or string.

Can we convert float to int in Python?

Python also has a built-in function to convert floats to integers: int() . In this case, 390.8 will be converted to 390 . When converting floats to integers with the int() function, Python cuts off the decimal and remaining numbers of a float to create an integer.

Is Python a keyword?

The is keyword is used to test if two variables refer to the same object. The test returns True if the two objects are the same object. The test returns False if they are not the same object, even if the two objects are 100% equal. Use the == operator to test if two variables are equal.

What is type casting in Python Mcq?

Python avoids the loss of data in Implicit Type Conversion. Explicit Type Conversion is also called Type Casting, the data types of objects are converted using predefined functions by the user. In Type Casting, loss of data may occur as we enforce the object to a specific data type.

How do you Inputcast in Python?

As we know that Python built-in input() function always returns a str(string) class object. So for taking integer input we have to type cast those inputs into integers by using Python built-in int() function.

What is Setattr () used for?

Python setattr() function is used to set a value to the object’s attribute. It takes three arguments an object, a string, and an arbitrary value, and returns none. It is helpful when we want to add a new attribute to an object and set a value to it.

What are the two main types of function?

The different function types covered here are:One – one function (Injective function)Many – one function.Onto – function (Surjective Function)Into – function.Polynomial function.Linear Function.Identical Function.Quadratic Function.More items…•

What is core data type in Python?

They are known as core data types because they are effectively built into the Python language—this implies that there is a specific syntax for generating most of them. Python’s Core Data Types include: Numbers. Strings. Lists.

What is the return type of id ()?

Return Value from id() id() function returns the identity of the object. This is an integer that is unique for the given object and remains constant during its lifetime.