Quick Answer: Why Is The French Language Important?

Why is it important to learn French?

Some people choose French because it is spoken in so many countries.

French is the second most useful language in the world for business.

Studying French makes you smarter.

French is one of the top ten majors most likely to lead to less unemployment and higher earnings..

Why French is the most important language?

French is a language that reflects both the rich cultural and historical heritage of France and also that of the worldwide Francophonie. It is a language of international diplomacy, a global business language, and a top internet language, which points to the growing importance of French.

Is French still useful?

It’s Europe’s second most widely-spoken mother tongue, and is in the top 5 most popularly used languages on the internet, too. Furthermore, French is the official language for about 29 countries, including those that account for 20% of world trade in goods.

Is German easier than French?

Nitty-gritty things like these can make getting started a bit of a challenge – but between the two, French will be a little easier, with (slightly) fewer endings to learn. That said, experts largely agree that the more German you learn, the easier it gets, while French gets more complicated the deeper you dive in.

Is French useful in the US?

French is extremely useful to know just to make your written and spoken English sound more intelligent as there are large number of expressions that can be used in English. Most DVDs sold in the US include a French audio track, which is pretty convenient if you already have a large collection.

Is it better to live in France or Germany?

France ranks as well among the very top of all countries. … Germany is in quite a good place economically speaking, and life can be much cheaper there (French people living next to the border often buy their groceries in Germany, especially since organic food can be really expensive on the French side !).

Is French Necessary?

French is an important language for international business. There’s no getting around it. French is an important language for international business. … French is also an official language for some of the most dynamic emerging economies in Africa.

Is French dying?

It’s not that French is dead or even dying on the global stage. French is still one of the official languages of the UN, Nato, the International Olympic Committee and Eurovision. But the days of its global pomp, when it was the language of international diplomacy and spoken by much of the global elite, are long gone.

Is French hard to learn?

French is not hard to learn, especially when compared to English! … Learning French isn’t going to be as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s a language that is much easier to achieve fluency in than you would have ever expected.

Should I learn French or Spanish first?

If you want to learn both French and Spanish, you might want to consider starting French first. While French will likely be more intimidating to speak initially, its shared vocabulary with English will help lessen the difficulty of memorization.

Is German a dying language?

Much too many people speak German as a native language, and the fact that it’s an Indoeuropean language makes it less likely to die out. … Right, so the language isn’t dying, but it has definitely changed. According to Thomas Steinfeld, German is an invention of the late 1800s.

Is French better than German?

Linguists say that French is much easier to grasp than German. It is due to the complexity of German grammar, but German and English have the same Germanic roots making it easier for English speakers to learn German. … The grammar of the French language is significantly harder than German grammar.