What Compliments Blue Eyes?

What color mascara is best for blue eyes?

Blend warm copper-y shadow across the lids to make light blue eyes pop, then brush navy color, just a couple shades lighter than black, through the lashes to intensify in a way that won’t look over-the-top..

Does blue eyeliner make blue eyes pop?

The Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes: Bright Blue Eyeliner By using a bright blue eyeliner that’s a few shades darker than the color of your iris, eyes will appear drastically brighter.

What makeup makes blue eyes pop?

Purple Eyeshadows If jewel tones are your thing, opt for purple over emerald or cobalt. “Blue eyes can get lost in blue and green shadows,” says Baraf. “But purple shadows help accentuate them.” Put the focus on them with a palette like Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No.

What are the 3 best colors that go together?

Three-Color Logo CombinationsBeige, Brown, Dark Brown: Warm and Reliable. … Blue, Yellow, Green: Youthful and Wise. … Dark Blue, Turquoise, Beige: Confident and Creative. … Blue, Red, Yellow: Funky and Radiant. … Light Pink, Hot Pink, Maroon: Friendly and Innocent. … Navy, Yellow, Beige: Professional and Optimistic.

How do you compliment your eye color?

Even eyeshadow colors as light as coral and champagne can let your blue eyes shine. Alternately, try colors with cool undertones, like a popping green or lavender purple, to bring your look together.

How do you make blue eyes look pretty?

Use the Right Eyeshadow Colors Eyeshadows within the brown color family look great with blue eyes. Golden, copper, peachy, and orange shadows are excellent additions to the everyday eye makeup routine of a blue-eyed beauty. The warmth present in these colors helps sharpen the appearance of blue eyes.

What color makes blue eyes stand out?

To brighten blue eyes, select warm shades and complementary orange tones, such as copper, coral, and bronze. To intensify the color of blue eyes, choose matching cool tones, such as blue, turquoise, and grey/silver. For a lovely natural eyeshadow look, select a soft matte brown that suits your complexion.

What eyeliner color is best for blue eyes?

If you’re a blue-eyed makeup wearer, browns and golds are your most obvious choice, as warmer tones make cool ones appear brighter. Although smoky eyes don’t work for everyone, if drama is what you are after, blacks and smoky grays rimmed in the waterline will offer the most contrast.

What is a good accent color for navy blue?

Similar to yellow, gold makes a brilliant complement to navy blue. Incorporate the color into your navy blue room with metallic gold accents or gold-toned wood finishes on floors, furniture, or trim.

Does GREY and Blue match?

The entire range of gray presents a neutral backdrop for any mid – to navy blue tie to work. And, the fact that both blue and gray are cool colors ensures they will pair naturally. Even if your gray suit contains warmer brown tones, you’ll have no issues because blue also combines perfectly with brown.

What Colours work well with blue?

What colours match with blue?Light blue looks great with yellow and shades of pink.Royal blue looks great with bold colours such as red, white, pale pink and yellow.Baby blue looks great with complementary colours such as white, grey, peach, pink, and dark blue.More items…•

What shirt color makes blue eyes pop?

While all shades of pink highlight your eyes well, bold fuchsia tones work to intensify their cool blue shade the most. As is to be expected, deep blue hues match the tone of your blue eyes, making them more pronounced, while lighter greens give your eyes a subtle complementary boost.

What hair color looks best for blue eyes?

Perfect Hair Colors for Blue EyesAuburn Hair. Auburn color is an ideal hair color for blue eyes. … Platinum Hair. Platinum blonde hair color is best suited for light skin and blue eyes with bold and bright lip tints.Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair. … Black Hair. … Sandy Blonde Hair. … Red Orange Hair. … Honey Blonde. … Sombre.More items…