Who Gets Together In Outer Banks?

What does the ending of Outer Banks mean?

John B.’s dad ended up in the water, and Ward left him for dead.

This means one of two things for Season 2 of Outer Banks.

Either John B.’s father is dead, which means that Ward is guilty of manslaughter and will have to face John B., or he is alive, which means that John B..

Is Sarah’s dad bad on Outer Banks?

Beyond Ward’s relationship with Sarah, he is an overall messed up person. … So he is a bad, abusive dad and a highly complicated person with a lot of demons. Yet she keeps relying on him over and over.

Is Kiara from Outer Banks straight?

Madison Bailey, best known for her role as Kiara in Netflix’s Outer Banks, opened up about her sexuality on Wednesday, June 17, in a “Mental Health Q&A” with Lacy Hartselle.

Is Ward Cameron a bad guy?

Into this already crossed-up situation drops Ward Cameron (Charles Esten of Nashville), who’s initially portrayed as benevolent, offering to take John B. in and be his guardian. It turns out, however, that Ward’s a bad, bad man.

Do Kiara and JJ get together Outer Banks?

If you finished Outer Banks on Netflix thinking, “Wow, I really ship Kiara and JJ,” you’re not alone. In fact, there’s an entire hive of people out there who want them to date, even though Pope is in love with Kiara and the two shared a kiss in the season one finale.

Does Kiara date anyone in Outer Banks?

J.J. is the only Pogue Kiara hasn’t kissed The rule may be “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking,” but Kiara didn’t follow that in season 1 of Outer Banks. … ‘ J.J. is the only other Pogue that Kiara doesn’t have any romantic interaction with, so I think that’s why [fans] want it.”

What is wrong with Rafe Outer Banks?

He became addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine, and dealt cocaine to the fellow Kooks. Rafe is a negative influence on Topper and the rest of The Kooks. He is violent and aggressive toward those whom he deems a threat, especially The Pogues.

What happened to JJ’s mom?

His mother never appears in Season 1 but his father does mention that she left, blaming JJ for it. His father often has frequent violent outbursts which has led to JJ’s own struggles with violent behavior. He is John B’s oldest friend, having been friends with him since the third grade.

What’s so special about the compass in Outer Banks?

“You have a death compass,” Pope (Jonathan Daviss) tells John B., and it’s hard to argue with him. While bad fortune seems to follow this family heirloom, John B. believes it is the key to finding both his dad and the treasure. He knows the compass has a secret compartment where people can store notes.

Does John B and Sarah get together?

Sarah manages to catch him as he passes by another port and decides to join him on his escape. Together, they decide to head off to Mexico and possibly come back when his name is cleared or stay there forever as they start a new life together.

Does JJ’s dad die in Outer Banks?

Remember, everyone thinks John B. and Sarah Cameron died while trying to make it through a storm, but they actually survived. Rudy even revealed his season 2 hopes and it would involve major drama for the Pogues.

Does Kiara like John?

The beginning of the season suggests that Kiara and John B have feelings for one another. … But when John B kisses Kiara, she reminds him of the Pogues’ rule, “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking”. The two remain close friends, but when John B starts a relationship with Sarah, Kiara is deeply upset.

Why does Kiara hate Sarah Outer Banks?

Pope spoke with Kiara about why she had an issue with Sarah. Kiara emotionally admitted that during her first year at the Kook academy she quickly realized that she didn’t belong. She didn’t’ care about the same things as them and remarked that one of these things wasn’t like the other.

Who does Kiara get with in Outer Banks?

Madison BaileyMadison Bailey on Outer Banks Season 2, Kiara’s Romances, and Quarantine.

Who is the best Outer Banks character?

Outer Banks Characters Ranked From Best To Worst10 Sheriff Peterkin. The Sheriff is one of the most compassionate characters of the series. … 9 Kiara Carrera. … 8 JJ Maybank. … 7 Pope Heyward. … 6 Sarah Cameron. … 5 John Booker Routledge. … 4 Topper Thornton. … 3 Rafe Cameron.More items…•